4 Levels of Engagement – 2002

Inaugural Meeting Year


Sharing information – Developing relationships with each other

“Our Role as Grant Makers”

“What is emerging today for us as grant makers in the region?”

Learning together

1.   Reviewing the Oregon Shines Bench Marks, (Dee Anne Everson, United Way of Jackson County)

2.   Building Effective Non-Profits, (Roi Crouch, Researcher & Consultant)

3.   Dialogue with Senator Ron Wyden “How has local and regional philanthropy and the public sector engaged productively to address large community problems/ concerns/impact on lives?”


For Collective Action

1.   Interest in Non-Profit Management & Resource Development Capacity in Southern Oregon

2.   Interest in exploring how we would like to continue to learn together as funders-public and private for the benefit of the region.


Take Action on What We have Learned

1.   Agreement to a group Purpose.

2.   Agreement to Four Levels of engagement.

3.   Agreement to communication through email.

4.   Agreement for few rules for participation.

5.   Agreement to have a convener; Gordon Elwood Foundation offered to initiate upcoming meetings and act as the communication hub.

6.   Agreement to be a “testing group” for the idea of allowing all kinds of funders to participate as a way for Grantmakers of Oregon & South West Washington (GOSW) to see how it works to have operating foundations in the room with potential funders.