4 Levels of Engagement – 2003


Sharing information to develop and strengthen relationships with each other

Learning together

1.   Presentation by Carpenter Foundation board member Dr. Mary Ellen Fleeger on “What is a Learning Community”

2.   Presentation on Realities of Southern Oregon Counties by Rebecca Reid from Southern Oregon University.

3.   Planning for a leadership development process for Jackson County to address complex issues together. ‘Building a Learning Community Training’ (United Way of Jackson County, Gordon Elwood Foundation and The Ford Family Foundation primary drivers for 2004 week long training event.


For Collective Action

1.   Initiating Jackson County Building a Learning Community with key cross sector stakeholders.

2.   Confirming with Peter Senge & Beth Jandernoa the learning event timing and creation of the local planning committee, “container group.”

3.   Fundraising to make it happen and to ensure scholarship support that would involve a diverse gathering of key leaders and youth.


Take Action on What We have Learned

1.   Building a Learning Community to be held in Jackson County as the pilot with special invites to a few leaders from surrounding counties. Invitation sent to 140 individuals representing all sectors.

2.   Held monthly planning meetings of the larger cross sector “container” or planning group.

3.   Raised funds to sponsor week long event and be able to offer for a very limited tuition cost.

4.   High school youth recruited to participate.

5.   Concurrent session with Health Leaders was planned during the same period in order to maximize opportunity of Peter Senge’s time with our community.

6.   Second annual retreat of funders held and five learning meetings.