4 Levels of Engagement – 2004


Sharing information and developing relationships with each other

Karen Salant shared a piece from Louise May Alcott on Philanthropy and a quote from Christopher Reeve.

“Take whatever you have and share it as best you can.”

The collaborative philanthropy that we’ve been engaging with here in this group has impressed me a lot,” Karen Salant. “A lot more understanding is needed. How do we teach generosity and humbleness to young people?

Learning together

1. Presentation on current Realities of Children and Families in seven southern Oregon counties by the staff of the Department of Human Services.

2. Conversation and Focus on the impact of the illegal drug- Meth in all seven counties.

3. Presentation on Media & Community Education.

4. Reflections on Building a Learning Community experience.

5. Building a Learning Community – It was a huge success-now what?

6. Dialogue on the future of the Non-Profit Network Conference that Southern Oregon University has stewarded for the last 5-6 years. What is the future?


For Collective Action

1.   Creating Meth Task Forces in JA, JO, KL, Douglas Counties. (Marty Young, Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation; Dee Anne Everson, United Way of Jackson County; W; Kathy Bryon, Gordon Elwood Foundation; Bob Kingzette, JELD-WEN Foundation.)

2.   Planning the 2005 funders annual retreat.


1.   Funders Affinity Group Purpose & Agreements adopted (JeFF).

2.   Building a Learning Community- a five full day training attended by 140 individuals representing all sectors from primarily Jackson County with a few key leaders from Josephine Co included. (Facilitated by Beth Jandernoa, Richard Karash & Peter Senge).

3.   Jackson County Health Care Summit attended by 50 executives and physicians.

4.   2004 Funders Affinity Group retreat & five learning meetings.