4 Levels of Engagement – 2005


Sharing information and strengthening relationships with each other

1. Partner Report Outs from Seven Counties on the Status of Children and Families:

  • Jackson Co. (Niebur/Saito);
  • Douglas (Wesenburg);
  • Josephine Co. (Hart);
  • Curry (Davis/Bryon);
  • Coos (Thorburn);

2. SW Oregon Ford Institute Leadership Activities (Gallagher).

3. Foundations and the new Homeland Security Laws (Williams).

Learning together

1. Retrospective on Meth Projects (Amy Cuddy, Carin Niebuhr).

2. Perspectives on community interest, leadership and support for addressing the Meth crisis in Jackson County (Everson).

3. “Messed Up” Straight Talk about Meth and Danielle’s Story. A DVD produced by Jeld-Wen & Safe Kids in Klamath County.

4. What’s Happening with Regional Technical Assistance for Community Non-Profits Today vs. 2002.


For Collective Action

1. Updates on Jackson County Poverty Summit

2. Jackson County Meth Task Force Plans for a Meth Summit of at least 100 stakeholders.

3. Hispanic/Latino Education Success Summit: Multi-stakeholder process (75 participants) catalyzed by RCC Club Latino members and supported by Gordon Elwood Foundation and United Way of Jackson County.

4. Planning 2006 Funders Affinity Group Retreat & Meetings.


Take Action on What We have Learned

1. Jackson County First Meth Summit.

2. Hispanic/Latino Education Success Summit.

3. Jackson County Poverty Summit.

4. United Way launches the Jackson County Executive Director Salon Series supported by JeFF participants.

5. Southern Oregon University (SOU) ends their commitment to the Annual Non Profit Directors’ Day Conference that was started in 1988 by volunteers and minimal staff support of an earlier organization, Pacific Non Profit Network. With the closing of the Network in 1998, President Reno of SOU offered to sponsor the Annual Non Profit Conference and the Network’s Foundation Center’s Cooperating Collection Library in the SOU Extension Program. This move would preserve these regional strategies to strengthen the community sector of southern Oregon and Northern California.

6. Douglas County Funders continue the Umpqua Community College Nonprofit Resources Center.

7. The Ford Family Foundation launches Effective Organization Training.

8. Southern Oregon University begins a NPO Certificate Program.

9. Jefferson Regional Health Alliance, a learning community of health and business leaders, is initiated one year after the Health Summit with Peter Senge and Beth Jandernoa and other health consultants and JeFF member support.

10. 2005 Annual Funders Retreat & four learning meetings.