4 Levels of Engagement – 2006


Sharing information about our organizational mission and strategies. Strengthening relationships with each other

Learning together

1. Continuing learning about the impact of Meth on our region.

2. Jackson County Meth Taskforce continues conversations with other counties interested in starting an interdisciplinary Task Force.

3. Understanding Youth Mentoring as a Pathway for Individual and Community Transformation.

4. Sharing the Jackson County Meth Task Force Community Strategies for Years 1 and 2.

5. The very successful Non Profit Conference initiated in 1988 needs a new convener after the SOU Extension program ends.


For Collective Action

1. Interested funders convene with others throughout Jackson County and the region to forward the No Meth Vision.

2. Interested funders meet with SOU Foundation director to investigate potential partnership to continue the Annual Non Profit Conference.

3. Planning for Funders Affinity Group Annual Retreat & three learning meetings.


1. Held Jackson County Second Meth Summit with over 100 inter-sector stakeholders.

2. Funders Affinity Group participating organizations commit to funding and giving time to the Annual Nonprofit Conference with Southern Oregon University Foundation acting as convener.

3. 2006 Funders Affinity Group Annual Retreat & three learning meetings.