4 Levels of Engagement – 2007


Continued to share information, reflect on last year’s activities and strengthen relationships with each other

Learning together

1. Regional Workforce Planning Efforts around Nursing Workforce gaps.

2. Continued Meth Education Activities Regionally.

3. More on how to select Best Practices for Mentoring Children of all ages.

4. Learning about the Kairos School-Community Project in Josephine County and its impact on attendance and support for students and teachers.

5. Understanding the Non-Profit Management support capacity and gaps in southern Oregon.

6. The revival of the Annual Non-Profit Conference.

7. The Foundation Center’s Cooperating Collection status in Jackson County & the region.


For Collective Action

1. Planning for 2007 Non Profit Conference.

2. Planning for 2007 Funder Affinity Group Retreat & four learning meetings.

3. Jackson County Homelessness Planning Process.

4. Robert Wood Johnson Nursing Workforce Planning Process with Rogue Workforce Partnerships, healthcare stakeholders and JeFF participants.

5. The Ford Family Institute & Elwood Foundation present session for Philanthropy Northwest Conference on Funder Learning Communities as an instrument of strengthening regional economic resources.


Take Action on What We have Learned/Planned

1. Jackson County Homelessness Learning Process continues.

2. Jackson County, Klamath County and Douglas County Meth Task Forces continue with support from JeFF partners.

3. Annual Nonprofit Conference continues with JeFF partners support.

4. 2007 Funder Affinity Group Retreat & four learning meetings.