4 Levels of Engagement – 2008


Continued to share information, reflect on last year’s activities and strengthen relationships with each other

Learning together

1. Performing Art as a Literacy Strategy-presentation with S.O. Educational Service District, S.O. Arts Council, and Simpson & Marcus Creative Solutions).

2. A presentation on Philanthropy & Public Policy: Children’s First of Oregon.

3. Presentation by the Portland Funders Early Learning Circle.

4. Presentation by the Jackson County Community Crisis Response Project Team-Multisector, stakeholder behavioral health initiative to improve community response to individuals in crisis.

5. Updates on Jackson County and Regional efforts: Meth Impact; Ending Homelessness; Cycle of Poverty; Nursing Workforce; Jackson County Public School Health care Mapping Project; Commission Children & Families Surveys on High School Success.


For Collective Action

1.   2008 Annual Nonprofit Conference.

2.   2008 Funders Affinity Group-JeFF Annual Retreat & three learning dialogues.

3.   Robert Wood Johnson initiative to address nursing workforce shortage continues.

4.   Engaging cross sector stakeholders to plan two nursing summits with local nurses. 


Take Action on What We have Learned

1.   Two Nursing Summits on Workforce.

2.   Funders ask United Way to be fiscal agent for the Annual Non Profit Conference.

3.   JeFF 2008 Annual Retreat & three learning dialogues.