4 Levels of Engagement – 2009


Continued to share information, reflect on last year’s activities and strengthen relationships with each other

Learning together

1.   Presentations Living Well with Chronic Conditions a new regional initiative.

2.   Presentation on Food for Douglas County Collaboration.

3.   Presentation on the nexus of Hunger, Food Insecurity, Healthy Food, Health & Philanthropy.

4.   Presentation on the Oregon Health Plan Prenatal Expansion Project to improve birth outcomes of low income women.

5.   Revival and re-envisioned Oregon Nonprofit Leaders Conference (ONLC).

6.   Presentation on the Foundation Center Cooperating Collection as a capacity building tool.

7.   Presentation of a potential Federal Stimulus Project to support Non Profit Capacity Building for rural Oregon nonprofit sector.

8.   Presentation on the Foundation Center’s Training On-Line.

9.   Presentation on Jackson County Homeless Youth Services.

10.   Presentation on the upcoming Latino Education Summit II in Jackson County.


For Collective Action

1.   Ad Hoc Food System Committee In Jackson County (JeFF Ad Hoc committee convenes Hunger Forums with key organizations.)

2.   Second Latino Education Summit planning with JeFF participants.

3.   Spring 2010 Oregon Nonprofit Leaders Conference (ONLC) planning underway.

4.   2009 JeFF Annual Retreat & five learning meetings.


Take Action on What We have Learned

1.   Two JeFF Ad Hoc Committee Jackson County Hunger Forums held.

2.   The Ford Family Foundation hosts Effective Philanthropy Video Conference on Non-Profit Capacity Building Best Practices.

3.   Revived and re-envisioned Nonprofit Conference now called Oregon Non Profit Leaders Conference kicks off in Spring 2010!

4.   2009 Annual Retreat & five learning meetings.

5.   Jackson County Library Foundation purchases The Foundation Center Cooperating Collection License in support of the non profit sector.

6.   Douglas County Funders continues to support the for Nonprofit Resources at Umpqua Community College.

7.   Douglas County Food Drive Collaboration is underway to build the food bank resources.