4 Levels of Engagement – 2011


Continued to share information, reflect on last year’s activities and strengthen relationships with each other 

Learning together

1.   Reflection on Ford Institute Leadership Program (Tom Gallagher, TFFF).

2.   Reflecting on 2010 Levels of Engagement Philanthropy’s evolving nature.

3.   Diversity in Philanthropy Report (Rhee, NW Health Foundation & Margorie Hamann, Mc Kenzie River Gathering).

4.   Citizen /Alien Waived Emergency Medical Coverage Prenatal Expansion Program (Brenda Johnson).

5.   Child Abuse Network (Everson).

6.   Oregon CASA Network Project (Cook).

7.   Non-Profit Resources & Economic Development (Thorndike).

9. Choosing Options Honoring Options– End of Life Jackson County program.

10. “Ground Truthing & The Iceberg Story” presentation (Gallagher, TFFF).


For Collective Action

1.   Planning for 2010/11 ONLC Spring Nonprofit Conference (JeFF Partners).

2.   Planning for Annual JeFF Retreat & three learning meetings.

3.   Oregon Health Reform initiates new collaborative strategies to be called Coordinated Care Organizations.

4.   Jackson County & Josephine County Region begins focus on graduation success as part of governor’s 40-40-20 Education Goal.

5.   Food System Planning Process in Ja/Jo counties continues.


Take Action on What We have Learned

1.   Meyer Memorial Trust awards a Food System planning grant to Rogue Valley.

2.   JeFF partners support additional matching support to the Food System Planning Process to follow through.

3.   2011 Oregon Nonprofit Leaders Conference (Chairs, Mostue/Driver with support from JeFF partners).

4.   2011 JeFF Annual Retreat & three learning meetings.