4 Levels of Engagement – 2014


Continued to share information, reflect on last year’s activities and strengthen relationships with each other

Welcoming Anne Kubisch, President & CEO of the Ford Family Foundation.

 Learning together

1.   Revitalizing Communities (Kubisch TFFF).

2. Choosing Options Honoring Options, End of Life Decision Making presentation (John Forsyth & Susan Hearn).

3. Oregon’s Health Care Transformation: What’s happening now; how is it going and what is ahead? (Coordinated Care Organizations: AllCare, Jackson Care Connect, Primary Health; Federally Qualified Health Centers- Rogue and Siskiyou Community Health Centers).

4. “Allied Health Regional Education and Economic Initiative” (John Osborn, RCC Dean School of Health/Public Service; Kirk Gibson, Vice President of Instruction; Pam Murphy, Morris Family Foundation).

5. Rogue Valley Food System Council Network: (Elise Higley, Farmer; Hannah Ansel, Coordinator; Phillip Yates, ACCESS; Chair, Greg Holmes, Thousand Friends of Oregon).


For Collective Action

1.   Planning for 2014/15 ONLC Spring Nonprofit Conference (JeFF Partners).

2.   Planning for 2014/15 JeFF Retreat &three learning meetings.

3.   Planning for mid-2014 Joint Conference with Philanthropy NW & Grantmakers of Oregon.United Way continues The Big Idea with 5th graders in two school districts, Medford and Illinois Valley Elementary School with the goal of 100% high school graduation success.

4.   Southern Oregon Success continues to convene over 70 cross sector stakeholders to increase youth and family success, with leadership and financial support from both county’s Commissions for Children & Families until they end mid 2014, Gordon Elwood Foundation, SO Educational District & Rogue Workforce Partnership.

5.   Douglas County Partnership for Education Success continues with funding from OCF.

6.   Early Learning Hub Planning continues until Hub award.

7.   NW Health Foundation creates Health Beginnings Healthy Communities Initiative and invites proposals from southern Oregon.


Take Action on What We have Learned

1.   2014 ONLC Spring Nonprofit Conference.

2.   2014 JeFF Annual Retreat& three learning meetings.

3.   Early Learning Hubs Funded by State for Jackson & Josephine Counties; Klamath, Lake and Douglas counties are under one umbrella coordinated out of Douglas County by JeFF member Gillian Wesenberg.

4.   State/County Commissions of Children & Families End.

5.   NW Health Foundation Health Beginnings Healthy Communities Initiative. Jefferson Regional Health Alliance acts as the regional umbrella for the first year of the initiative supporting further integration of Preconception-6 years focus into the regional initiative 0-24 Southern Oregon Success initiative, connecting in programs that support Latino families & families in recovery from drug & alcohol abuse.

6.   2014 PNW & GOSW Spring Conference in Sunriver with southern Oregon leaders including Bob Lieberman, Kairos to talk about Adverse Childhood Experiences Study and Trauma Informed Practices, and Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement partners.