4 Levels of Engagement – 2015



Continued to share information, reflect on last year’s activities and strengthen relationships with each other

Learning together

1.   Building on The Ford Family Foundation History (Kubisch).

2.   Public Education Reform and Philanthropy’s Role (Nancy Golden, Director, Oregon Education Investment Board & Rogue Community College & Klamath Community College Presidents, 13 School Superintendents from Jackson Josephine & Klamath Counties).

3.   Vision for Regional Education Success from leadership of the three State Collective Impact – Regional Achievement Collaboratives.

4.   Update on United Way’s Big Idea.

5.   “Moving from teaching to facilitation of violence prevention with teens” (Ray Dinkins, Women’s Crisis Support Team).


For Collective Action

1.   Planning for 2015/2016 ONLC Spring Nonprofit Conference (JeFF Partners).

2.   Planning for 2016 Grantmakers of Oregon Conference in Canyonville.

3.   Planning for 2015/16 JeFF Retreat & three learning meetings.

4.   United Way The Big Idea in two school districts, Medford and Illinois Valley Elementary School with the goal of 100% high school graduation success.

5.   Jackson & Josephine cross sector stakeholders continue to move awkwardly forward on the Southern Oregon Success shared vision of increasing youth and family success, ages preconception to 24 years, with leadership and/or financial support from Meyer Memorial Trust, Governor’s Regional Solutions Team, Oregon Education Regional Achievement Office, Gordon Elwood Foundation, SO Educational District & Rogue Workforce Partnership.


Take Action on What We have Learned

1.   2015 ONLC Spring Nonprofit Conference.

2.   2015 JeFF Annual Retreat & three learning meetings.

3.   Jefferson Regional Health Alliance celebrates 10th year and first Collaborative Manager.

4.   United Way “Big Idea” celebrates 4th year.

5.   Southern Oregon Success P-24 Initiative celebrates 4th year with 85 participants in community Summit at RV Manor.