4 Levels of Engagement – 2017


Continued to share information, reflect on last year’s activities and strengthen relationships with each other

Learning together

1.   The Nexus of Democratic Practice and Philanthropy (Daniel Kemmis, , researcher, writer, and former Missoula mayor; Remy Trupin, Democracy Northwest; Peter Pennekamp, Community Democracy Workshop).

2.   Discussion on updating the 2010 SO Community Capacity Building Matrix due to significant changes including the Ford Family Institute, Non Profit Association of Oregon, Rogue Valley Non Profit Network, and two other previous training groups along with the numerous leadership transitions.

3.   Inquiry for JeFF learning community-do we need to invest in NPO leadership development for younger people? What about board training being more available to individual organizations vs the ONLC annual general board member workshop? How can we grow our own board members from culturally and ethnically diverse populations?

4.   Update on the State of Oregon non-profit organizations (Jim White, NAO and Brad Russell, RVNN).

5.   Ford Institute Community Building Approach-Principles & Practices (Barros/Gimbel).

6.   Southern Oregon (Ja/Jo) Early Learning Hub priorities (Rene Brandon).

7.   Report on Jackson County Homelessness Continuum of Care (Seth Kaplan, researcher).


For Collective Action

1.   Planning for 2017/18 ONLC Spring Nonprofit Conference (JeFF Partners).

2.   Planning for 2017/18 JeFF Retreat & three learning meetings.

3.   United Way The Big Idea in two school districts, Medford and Illinois Valley Elementary School with the goal of 100% high school graduation success.

4.   Jackson & Josephine cross sector stakeholders continue to move awkwardly forward on the Southern Oregon Success shared vision of increasing youth and family success, ages preconception to 24 years, with leadership and/or financial support from Allcare, Jackson Care Connect, Primary Health, Rogue Community Health, Oregon Education Regional Achievement Office, Gordon Elwood Foundation, SO Educational District, Jefferson Regional Health Alliance, Maslow Project & Rogue Workforce Partnership.


Take Action on What We have Learned

1.   2017 Oregon Non-Profit Leaders Conference.

2.   2017 JeFF Annual Retreat & three learning meetings.